Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is one of the unique video slot casino game. It includes 5 reel and 20 payline slots. You will get four fantastic features around this game. Fantastic Four is one of the most popular superhero slot games. Fantastic Four games consisting of its main members which are Mr. Fantastic, Scientific genius, Invisible Woman, his wife, the Human Torch and The Thing.

These four members acquired extraordinary superpowers due to exposure to cosmic rays. All the characters are represented as wild symbols on the reels. Fantastic Four logo is the scatter symbol.

Fantastic Four games are played by many players to experience superhero actions. Get yourself entertained with 5 reel 20 play line video slot game. Get the most interactive gaming experience with online slot games.


Play Spiderman, which is an added spider web game with 25 slots. You can trigger the spider web feature for a chance of an extra payout. If you want to multiply your prize then enter the venom feature to defeat venom and to save Mary Jane.

You will get your bonus game activated when 3 or more Spider Man logos appear from left to right on your screen. Player has the option of either playing free spins or the venom feature. Venom feature allow player to select the direction for Spider Man to find and defeat Venom to save Mary Jane. If Spider Man comes across the dead end, the venom escapes and the feature ends, so you must be careful and think quick to take the action. You can win some good cash through Spider Man slots with its wild and scatter symbol.

Spider Man video slot is fastened with intense scenarios and crime busting action. It is a 5 reel and 25 pay line slot game. Just click on the button above to start your download and enjoy your favorite game. Spider Man Slots is also known as progressive slots, so you can be sure to find some wonderful jackpots.




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